How the Jaya Rehabilitation Institute Gave Hope to Over 400,000 Patients

As an ongoing project to give back to the community, Jaya Travel had sponsored the construction of the Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center in Gujarat, India back in 2002. The goal of this project was to create a rehabilitation facility in the region. After a devastating earthquake rocked the region in 2001, it came to light that proper physical therapy, occupational therapy, and prosthetics were lacking.

In 2002, construction began on this facility and soon a 20 bed rehabilitation center was providing treatment to residents in need of early intervention, prevention and management of their disabilities. In the first year of operation, nearly 5,000 patients were treated.

In 2011, just 9 years after the construction of the center, Jaya was able to secure funding and add a second floor to the center, extending the bed capacity to 50. In 2015, nearly 60,000 patients were treated with a variety of services.

The remarkable stories of recovery are endless. The dedicated staff has used the latest therapies and technologies to do everything from outfit patients with artificial limbs to restoring the ability to walk so folks can lead independent lives once again. Whether the patients have had a stroke, lost limbs due to accidents, or were born with a condition preventing them from walking, Jaya Rehabilitation and Research Center helps to find a way.

In 2016, Jaya Rehabilitation celebrated the addition of a ramp that goes from the first floor to the second floor so those who are unable, or have a hard time utilizing the stairs, can have greater mobility and access to the entire facility.

With assistance through private donation and the enthusiasm of the team to continue providing rehabilitation services, Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center will be able to expand and provide the various services to tens-of-thousands of patients.

Since opening its doors, the Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center has provided therapy, prosthetics, and other services to over 400,000 patients.

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