There are two easy ways to book your flight to BMM using the convention rate. Book directly with the airlines (United or Delta), or call Jaya. When you book directly through the airlines, you may incur a ticketing fee.

*Please note that American Airlines and Southwest do not offer these discounts.

 Book with Jaya

We’re happy to do all the work for you! Call us and let us know you’re attending BMM 2017. We’ll be sure to get you the convention rate for whichever class seating you desire.

Call us today!

 Booking with Delta

To book by phone, call Delta Meeting Network Reservations at 800-328-1111. When prompted, provide the Meeting Code: NMQ9S.

To book online, visit Click “Book Your Flight” and enter Meeting Code: NMQ9S in the box provided.

Booking with United

Passengers within the 50 US States & Canada:

To book by phone, call the United Reservations Meetings Desk at: 800-426-1122. You’ll need to provide the Z Code: ZYDC and the Agreement Code: 842270.

To book online, visit:

In the box provided, type your Z Code followed by the Agreement Code with no spaces between. It should look like this: ZYDC842270. From there, you will be asked to input your personal information to complete the booking.