District 9 film locations
On LocationTravel
March 24, 2017

Visit Places that Inspired the story of “District 9”

Oftentimes movies provide us with a means of escaping our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, they serve…
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Cultural festivals around world
March 23, 2017

8 Must-See Festivals to Enhance Your Travels

If you’re one of the growing number of travelers who disdain cheap plastic souvenirs and…
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See which travel vaccines are right for you!
March 16, 2017

Without Travel Vaccines, You Could Bring Home More Than Souvenirs

When we plan trips and vacations, we always imagine the fun we will have, the…
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Best River Cruises in India
March 15, 2017

4 River Cruises to Rock Your Visit to India

Rivers are an integral part of Indian culture. Not only do they hold religious significance…
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Happy Holi from Jaya Travel& Tours!
March 13, 2017

Holi: The Most Colorful Celebration on the Planet

What is Holi? Holi is a traditional Hindu festival that signifies the triumph of good…
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Uruguay wine is some of the finest in the world!
March 8, 2017

Uruguay Wine: The Best Wine You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s Wine Wednesday which means we’ve got a pleasant trip in-store. If you’re visiting Uruguay,…
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