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2017-10-11 - Wine Wednesday - Serra Gaucha, Brazil - Blog

European Wine Traditions in Southern Brazil

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Happy Wine Wednesday! Our oenological journey today brings us to the Serra Gaúcha area of Southeast Brazil. Located in the Rio Grande do Sul region, winemaking here is a unique blend…


Most Photogenic Locations: Patagonia

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When you think of “South America,” the first things that may come to mind are the lush Amazon Jungle or the beaches of Rio. However, the southernmost region of the…

2017-09-13 - On Location - Gladiator - Blog 1200x800

Explore the Sahara with Gladiator Film Locations

| On-Location | No Comments

Calling all movie buffs! Have you always wanted to relive the scenes of your favorite movie and feel like you’re stepping through the screen? Keep reading this “On-Location” blog post…